Commercial Artists Services and Design We like to undertake wide ranges of Design for many different products. Therefor we compartmentalize our webapage like here "CASD". This is to locate immediatly where and what part of our large Webpage you may be talking about when you contact us. We have created and managed many large design projects from conception to fruition.

Beside the creative aspect of the business, we make it our main objective to work closely with managment, merchandisers, visual merchandisers, sample co-ordinators, retail research personal, buyers on the client side, and this in their own languages when possible. Many of our clients own our Fashion Design Software " Colour Matters", as do their manufacturers to colour co-ordinate correctly across the continents. We work with their buyers, Designers, Trend Forcasters and when required go with them on sample shopping trips. We work with "" online presentation tool and can show our interpretation of their suggestions. We can tran slate designs or shopping samples into commercial garments which meet their expected criteria in look, fit, quality, wash, and cost.
Excellent relationships have been established in order to understand their requirements, we have built up a strong working knowledge of fabrication, trims, pattern construction and production techniques. All of our techniques and innovations are constantly put to test in ongoing projects.

Our knowledge of Hong Kong SAR & PRC sourcing and guidance of merchandisers and sample production and coordinators allow us to achieve the best results in the shortest time. This greatly helps product development.
We are also closely in touch with all the main supplying markets of South-East Asia. We have come to appreciate all other aspects of the fashion business especially in the managerial field. We believe strongly that harnessing creativity with product development achieves success, if based on constant, well organized feasibility studies of each product.

Here are some design products:

Down Products Design Studio

Children's Wear Design Studio

Classic & Alternative Quilt Design

General Graphics and Labels

Sportswear Fashion

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