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Sara Hotel (Beijing) Harbour Plaza Hong Kong
Sara Hotel (Beijing) Harbour Plaza Hong Kong

Our creativity is not limited to the latter classic and continental styles. We are proud of our ability to present entire wardrobes following strict directions as shown. At Sara Hotel Beijing, we were asked to use Western shapes with Chinese details or vice versa. We research indepth folklore and traditions and adapt them to create an international image. We are interested in putting forward concepts of corporate identities in commercially related products such as scarfs, bags, umbrellas, ties etc.. And enjoy the necessary manufacturing contacts for bulk production.

We have an extensive picture library of our projects. More information will soon be made available on this page. Keep dropping by. Or contact us by e-mail or phone and ask us for our latest update

TEL:             +1 604 629 8931 Pacific West Coast day time
MGR CELL: +1 778 318 8020 Pacific West Coast day time

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