The group's head office has been located in Hong Kong since 1991 and is registered as CLEVER ONE Ltd., a holding company that has been fully active since then in an international Design environment. Victor Stapelberg himself has headed international Design group teams previously and is a permanent resident in Hong Kong since 1983. He also lived and worked in South Africa 1998- 2008 and now in Vancouver Canada.

The VSDG network of member companies or individuals are:

  • Commercial Artists
  • Technical designers
  • Academics
  • Members function in an autonomous and self sufficient way, but VSDG is directly involved in overseas operations such as BRUSSELS, HONG KONG, JOHANNESBURG, VANCOUVER and wherever project hires our creativity. . The mission of the Group is prosperity for all, through sponsorship, support, and promotion of the expertise and talent of all members under one umbrella. VSDG is building a worldwide entity, matching multi-faceted commercial design talents with business opportunities.

    VSDG and its members are here to generate income, but first we are fellow Designers who appreciate,admire, sponsor and respect each other's skills.

    The President and founder of the Group, Victor Stapelberg insists on keeping his artistic character afloat in a world of challenging business practices. Friends, fellow professionals and clients see him as a truly talented Designer. He possesses stamina that he gained through momentum and firm belief that the gains can match the bait. He and his company have evolved over since 1983 in an "ultra competitive" climate, through economic thick and thin, taking advantage of shifting markets populated with challenging professionals.
    He has turned his personal passion for Design into a full time occupation and chooses all potential VSDG members himself. He has grown from a Laureat Pattern Maker to Fashion Designer educated in Paris, trained with YSL to active Fashion, Interior and Architectural Designer.

    VSDG wants as many Designers and Art related persons to discover that becoming an active member of a global network is the best way for them to prosper, mind and generate international income.

    It is the conviction of VSDG that each member will gain by joining forces with other members. Alone, a member may have limited local or national exposure. The members of the group as a whole, gain from resources on all continents. Members reinforce each other in areas of common interest. Offering services, such as Concept, Design, Style, Fabrication, Production will and compliment each other through diversity of skills. Together, members speak many languages, which giving us the means to work across borders and develop new markets. Creative use of the internet and computer technology have created unprecedented means of collaboration, breaching the limitations of distance and time zones in the exchange of ideas and information.

    VSDG targets businesses partners from all sizes up to corporate giants. VSDG offers the capabilities that everyone seeks CREATIVITY GALORE. In our fast-changing world, we have the creativity to implement daring new concepts. As corporate entities increasingly prefer to concentrate on their core business, the service of independent entities like VSDG is often favored over maintaining expensive inhouse operations. With decades of experience, VSDG can provide faster, better valued, more personalized, and more creative solutions.

    VSDG is a Designer Group of many trades. "everything" in this world that people touch, look at or use is created through the process of Design. This is why we at VSDG always spell "Design" with a capital"D". Take one second, think and realize that all professions and career are evidently linked to the word Design. To few credit goes towards the word "Design" that started since the 1st "Spiral" was etched into rock by a caveman

    WE TRULY LOOK FORWARD to comments, questions or opinions of any interested party. Here several of my personal mottos. Since there is Light there is Beauty. Live your life in Color ( a personal Advise Yves St.Laurent gave me looking at one of my sketches in Paris. The hardest part of being creative is "Getting used to it".

    With these thought we leave you to explore the Internet further.

    Do not hesitate as we are just an e-mail away..

    Victor Stapelberg