Kidswear is our world
Children's wear for girls Children's wear for boys
If you like what you see and are confident to work with a (20+ year of experience, CAD oriented Designer) contact us.
We would love to add our creativity to Your Label as we did for renown German, US, French Brandnames such a Jacadi (just to name one, that is world renown) that we have created children's wear collections for.
We hold huge data of Design, Collections and Sizespec that withstand changes of times and take years of expertise to aquire. Children will remain children, a perfect fit & look is what sells! The right connections in China for production and the sample shopping knowhow in most cities worldwide sure helps. We work in many languages. Nous parlons Francais. Wir sprechen Deutsch. Se parla Italiano. Hablamos Espanol.Ons praat Neederlands.
Select the left or right picture and take a mary go round tour for girls' or boys' collection.

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