This page is dedicated since 1995 to the the Beauty of our Models that streches beyond the many years of their careers. Are you a Lady of any race and you think your looks can compete, add interest and glamour to our pages, contact us without delay. Send us your quality Portfolio pictures and all relavant stats and informations, and we will consider hosting it.

This page is not an instant virtual reality casting tool. We offer this as a free platform to woman worldwide. We understand many of you may not have access to Top Agencies but would love to have their pictures displayed within a class website that is visited by viewers interested in Design, Beauty, Fashion. Our ultimate goal is to possibly attract the attention of a casting director for modeling or film industry in search of a "New, not so young but still gorgeous Face" a sure new trend of down to earth Fashion Designer Shows.

No money will be required from you at any time. We simply receive or scan your paper pictures (if sent by mail) to fit them exclusively in our web site. If you are close to Vancouver Canada and have no pictures I would glady offer to take some for you. The ones seen of Gail Suzanne and Frances were taken by myself.

Contact us 1st by e-mail at: visualsenses at gmail dot com with the word MODEL in the subject line. Attach a simple portrait and body shot from your portfolio and a short description why you would like to be featured on our site. We reserve the right to accept or refuse your offer as it comes at not cost to you.

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