Aircraft Livrée Concept Design for Japan Airline System (JAS)

The Graphic Senses Design Studio specializes with great interest in Design concepts such as Airline

corporate identity, and participates from time to time in public contests, such as this one for JAS in Japan in 1996.


The spirit of our Concept took inspiration from the very graceful sport of "Rhythmic Gymnastics" that Asian gymnast seem to excell in. The ribbon dancer transforms through the magic of the very "Asian Fan" the ribbons into the corporate colors rainbow. Then the movement of a spiral weaves a pattern around the body of the aircraft as a sign symbolizing the safe holding of the passengers from all around the body.

The Design streamlines towards the tail in a symbol of a feather that keep all birds flying. Emphasis was put on all round design for it to be easily recognised on the ground, in flight from the ground and on the ground from other approaching aircrafts at an airport.

The use of such this concept was to give numerous occasions attracting the visual attention of actual passengers or potential passengers. It can be further developed into the corporate uniform for all flight attendants, to consumer goods such as scarves, ties, dolls, luggage, maybe a perfume, and for the future, worldwide sponsorship of a graceful and very much admired and visually rewarding sport such as gymnastics, a sport that Japan excels in.

Are you in charge of developping the "Livree" for a new Airline or modernize the corporate identity of your airline or cruiseline"? If so contact us, we would be proud to challenge your project and provide you with our creative expertise.

Wellknown Airlines pay up to millions of Dollars, to world renown "Corporate Identity Leaders". They, then often quitely subcontract the work to Design firms and (freelancers,associates) of our caliber for much less than the value of the original consultancy contract. As an "Ex- Associate Design Director" of one of the worlds leading Design Group in the early 1990s, I can vouche, having witnessed the explained practice. Being the head of VSDG, I naturally invite you to come to us direct and get the same creativity for a more affordable fee.

For the record: The outcome of this contest started a new, bold graphic trend that sweeped the airline industry with graphics of wales in Japan, Arborigianal Art in Australia, Bold ethnicity for British Airways on Aircrafts tails( designed by the wife of the chairman of British Airways). By now now, it has become mainstream, to use graphics that are tell the stories of Olympics, City and Country Anniversaries and more. Each aircraft has the potential to become flying canevas.
The price is the same, wether one colour or 5 colours the body needs its paint.
So call us and we will imprint it with your mark and our imagination.

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