Working closely with our marketing specialists in the Graphic Senses Design Studio, we have evolved a system for product presentation known as Visual Merchandising. We find that it is very informative for clients and potential customers alike to be given a graphic visualization of the product line. This tells them how it is constructed, and what variations and specifications are involved.
Robens Products for Outdoors

Robens logo The process was simple and quickly completed. The Robens logo (left) was received by fax from the client. We were asked to create a woven nylon tape (below left) delivering the corporate identity of the company and show how it could be integrated in the hangtag of their sleeping bags.

Robens tape design Robens presentation This theme was further developed to lay out Robens outdoor products such as sleeping bags in a visual merchandising presentation (right). This served to organize existing material at Robens into a custom designed corporate concept which would be useful for them in visualizing and selling their products. Note: The presentation sheet on the right can be enlarged to show a detailed version if you click on it.

Jack in the sack .
Jack in the Sack

Our concept was that we needed a product that would find its way to a mass market at a reasonable cost with an appealing message and surprising functionality. We presented to our client The "Skizze Vision Collection" by Sergio Vescovi with the U-Bag, containing an active windbreaker jacket. We united the whole concept with a world AIDS awareness scheme. The bag is adorned with an AIDS ribbon over a pocket in mesh that clearly displays a condom, urging the casual user carrying it to practice safer sex.


For several years, we have had the opportunity to work with one of the top world's rucksack and bag manufacturer and achieve excellent realization of initial samples. This has been due to our very clear and concise visual presentation of each item, created using our Colour Matters Software. On the right is our colour movement study for rucksacks. Many of our clients have already started using our methods and software after seeing how effective they are.

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