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Sogecofi was a Luxembourg based tax and fund management company which has for many years had a large following with European clientele. It now intends to penetrate the North American market where such services are widely sought after. Web Ad Design devised this promotion line for them:

Tax evasion is illegal. Tax management is wise.

A personalised Luxembourg based account and management services for U.K. and offshore companies means less worry and more money for client. The web site we designed for them highlights their strength and stability without forgetting that they are from a beautiful country - Luxembourg.

The then Hong Kong and now UK based "Colour Matters" software has made a name for itself with corporations all over the world and is still doing well. Our CWC uniform Designer use it on a regular base. Colour Matters is efficient, competitively priced, and the utmostuser friendly Fashion Design software on the market with offices on all 5 Continents. Our Senior Designer participated in the designing of the buttons and the functioning of the module.

The web site we developed for them is a virtual catalogue of the spectacular professional designs that can be quickly created and manipulated with Colour Matters software, making it an excellent design and visual merchandising communication tool for distant product development.

Since then they have created several new programs that make it even more affordable."Graphic Toolbox", "Modaphix" with additional stunning digital Scrapbooking capabilities Contact us and we can DEMO them for you "online" We are agents for Canada and the USA westcoast. using

The Clothes Network web site was especially enhanced for Netscape 2.0. For a clothing manufacturer to succeed, quality, reliability and capacity are amongst the most important issues. After reviewing company material, Web Ad Design proposed that a simple interactive web site be placed on the internet to show that the Clothes Network was well equipped in every way and had become over the years a reliable product supplier of cut and sewn knitwear for major Canadian brand names like Guess, Esprit, BB, Hollywood Jeans. It's then Senior Design Director is now based in Shanghai and lend his hand to the developement and productions major Canadian Brand.

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